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Canmore International Improv Festival: Festival Feature Shows

Festival Feature Shows

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical (England)
Showstopper! started out at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival in an 89-seat portacabin and since then has gone on to play almost 1000 shows all over the world. It is the first improvised show ever to win a major theatre award (Olivier
Award 2016) following its West End run in London 2015-2016. It enjoyed a series on BBC Radio 4 and has an ongoing residency at The Lyric Theatre in London’s West End as well as regularly touring the UK. It is also the winner of a Chortle Comedy Award for Best Improv, Character or Sketch (2016) and the Broadway World Audience Vote Award for Best Comedy at the Edinburgh Festival 2017.

TEDXRFT (Canada)
TEDxRFT is two entirely improvised TED talk from Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton. With slides they’ve never seen, and topics from the audience, Julian Faid, and Kory Mathewson will aim to inspire while scrambling for justifications. Forget ideas; these are Jokes Worth Spreading.

Time Jumpers (Det Andre Teatret, Norway)
Improvisers in time trouble.
Two actors try telling a simple story, but at any moment the mischievous soundtech can mess them up by sending them back in time. A comment about that road trip along Route 66 in 1994 – and ding! - we travel back to see what really happened in the car that day. How come we have cutlery? – Ding! – We ́re suddenly at Napoleon's court and get to witness the invention of knife and fork. Who was Captain Redbeard? Ding! – Turns out he wasn ́t a man at all! For 50 minutes, past and present are sewn together in a story that can be both heartfelt, very funny, and completely
crazy! Starring: Mats Eldøen, Veslemøy Mørkrid, & Henrik Stoltz Vernegg.

Raison d'être (Holland/France)
It is just an ordinary day when suddenly you remember that moment again... That face, their words, those eyes, the smell, their lips, your lips. Sorry, what were you saying?
In the duo show Raison d'être we see our main character stuck between two times. The present and the past. In their day-to-day life a memory of old love that keeps crawling back.
Using strong character work, physicality, music and movement the story of this past love unfolds in front of the audience's eyes. Who is she? Who is he? Who are they now? Even when love belongs to the past, it is still a present.
Starring: Laura Doornerweerd & Gael Perry.

Missed Connections (Canada)
Because sometimes that first impression needs a second chance...
Ever wondered what would have happened if you made that connection on the train with the person across the aisle? If the waiter who winked at you was still there when you got back to the table? If you did make it to the top of the Eiffel Tower by midnight?

Our improvisors read REAL Craiglist "missed connections" and take it from there... if you share YOUR missed connection, you can watch what you always wondered could have happened come to life on stage! *Mature content ages 14+* Starring: Ali Froggatt, Quinn Contini, Shawn Kinley & special international guests.