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We live it. You'll love it.

Experience 365 days of adventure through the four seasons.

Live like a local: Adventure is right outside your doorstep.

There may be a chill in the air, but that doesn't mean you can't get out for a paddle. The autumn sun is warm, and the sights plentiful...just don't fall in!

Outdoor climbing proves to be tricky with numb fingers grasping chilled rocks at this time of year, but you can always head to Elevation Place or the Cave to get your climbing fix. If you don't suffer from poor circulation some 'easy' local fav's include:

  1. Mount Fable
  2. Grotto Canyon
  3. Door Jamb Mountain

Some prefer to stay lower in the valley at this time of year while others just add more layers and bag some peaks anyways. There are lots of hikes left to summit, but be sure to bundle up!

  1. Lady Mac - Heli Pad
  2. Troll Falls
  3. Pigeon Mountain

After your adventure filled day head inside to one of our cozy cafes, or grab yourself some comfort food.

  1. Communitea Cafe
  2. The Grizzly Paw
  3. Tapas

One thing is for sure here in Canmore Kananaskis; there is something for everyone, and perhaps the best part is that our backyard is closer than you think.


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