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Why are Canmore's restaurants so remarkable?

Watch as Olympian Sara Renner shows off some of her favourite dining spots and talks about why Canmore's restaurant scene has become one of Alberta's culinary hotspots. Warning: Don't watch on an empty stomach!
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Sled Dog Puppies and a Summer Kennel Tour

Snowy Owl Dog Tours invited us to visit their latest litter of Husky puppies - just 6 weeks old and take a tour of their kennel. You can book a summer kennel tour here: Snowy Owl Dog Sled Tours:
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Cross Country Skiing at Canmore Nordic Centre in Alberta - Travel Alberta

Nordic Skiing in Alberta means fun and fitness for the whole family. Bring them all to Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park For more information on cross-country skiing in Alberta visit:
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The Search For Heroes // Canmore Flood 2013

These are the stories of some of the heroes who went beyond the extraordinary and helped their neighbors in Canmore during the Southern Alberta Flooding in June 2013. In the Southern Alberta Flooding the community of Canmore was hit hard by devastat
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Kananaskis Country. Back Open.

Watch Kananaskis spring back to life after recent flooding in Southern Alberta. New footage taken on July 16th shows Kananaskis Country back open and in bloom.
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Alberta's Backyard. Back Open.

Footage from Canmore Kananaskis just one week after the Cougar Creek Flood. Alberta's Backyard is back open! As of Wednesday June 26th, the Trans Canada Highway, Canada's coast-to-coast national highway, re-opened after being destroyed by flooding
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The New Grizzly Paw Brewery

Discover the new Grizzly Paw Brewery and how the Grizzly Paw Brewing Company makes its incredible beers and handcrafted sodas in the heart of the Canadian Rockies - Canmore, Alberta. Open soon for tours - the Grizzly Paw Brewery is located on Old Ca
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Biking to School in Canmore // Canmore Bike Month

The story of 11 students from Lawrence Grassi Middle School who bike to school in Canmore, Alberta year round - through ice, snow, sun, rain, and the occasional encounter with wildlife. Thanks to the students of LGMS for their A+ grade for Active Tr
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Snow Tracks // Canmore Winter Carnival 2013

Dog sled races, log sawing contests, and ice carving competitions from Day 3 of Snow Tracks at the Canmore Winter Carnival. Check out the schedule of events at Watch out for more videos as we post so
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Snow Tracks Paving // Canmore Winter Carnival 2013

Watch as Canmore's Main Street is paved with snow for the incredible events at the Winter Carnival. Check out the schedule of events at Watch later this week as we post some of the awesome activities