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We invite you to discover and share our experiences with your readers, viewers and those that faithfully follow your every move through social media.

Our story possibilities are as vast as our amazing Rocky Mountain scenery. We hope the selection of story ideas pique your curiosity and inspire you to discover Canmore Kananaskis.

A postcard-perfect community enveloped by the majesty of the Canadian Rockies. Trendy boutiques, gourmet dining, eclectic art galleries and a diverse population of residents including accomplished mountaineers and Olympic athletes; this is Canmore.

An impressive mountain landscape spilling across a series of protected provincial parks. Emerald-green waterways, unspoiled wilderness and snow-capped mountain peaks, home to four-season activities for all levels of adventurers; this is Kananaskis.

On our media pages you’ll find some quick facts, intriguing story starters, an engaging local history and a snapshot of some of Canmore’s uniquely talented and accomplished residents. Please use our image library to locate outstanding high resolution photos to illustrate your story.