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Mahikan Trails

Mahikan Trails is an Aboriginal Company that offers people an opportunity to explore Native Culture through Traditional Programs.
Specializing in traditional programs including bush craft, hide tanning, medicine walks, moccasin making workshops and tons more!

Whether it is a conference that is looking for unique activities for their delegates or groups looking for specialized training programs with an Aboriginal focus, Mahikan Trails delivers with expertise.


What Do We Do?

Training and Consulting​ 
We have several outdoor programs that we offer for professionals and lay people alike. 

Aboriginal Guides
If you are a person of Metis, Inuit or First Nations culture, who is looking for a different type of work to get into, then check out this page. We specialize in training you for the Tourism Industry and a way to make your mark!

Traditional Skills
Traditional skills are becoming increasingly popular and in high demand. These cool skills that our forefathers used are becoming a lost art and we are doing our part to keep them alive. Not only are they fun, but very educational as well, please check it out on our Culture page. 

Cultural Programs
We offer cultural programs for anyone who is interested in learning about Metis or First Nations. Whether it is drumming, dancing, learning to do bead work, hide tanning or even plant medicine we have programs for everyone!