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Moose Trail Overland is an experience that continues to deliver. We are always seeking new trips to plan and people to go with. Because of this, Moose Trail has no boundaries, limitless possibilities that can become reality.
As time goes on, we are determined to bring you new vistas and excitement. Keep coming back!

Unique Overland Experiences
Get away from the crowds and do something different. What does "different" look like? How about being transported away in an all-terrain vehicle, moving through an endless postcard view and being dropped off where beauty begins.

What's overlanding all about?
Overlanding is all about taking the road less travelled, seeing the real country as well as the highlights, and getting away from the tourist trail – our mantra is “it's the journey, not just the destination”.

Our Packages
While in the Rocky Mountains you can plan an experience like no other. From daily outings to multi-day trips, we can provide you with a plan, or you can design one with us. 

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Overland Charter Servies
Whether you’re planning a backcountry wedding in the mountains or a multi-day experience we can drive up to 14 people and all their toys anywhere you can point to on a map! 

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