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Rocky Mountain Bagel Company

102-830 Main Street
Canmore, Alberta, T1W 2B7

We love the 'Coffee Culture' and it is this love that is the inspiration behind the Bagel Company. Coffee Culture to us is a commitment to serving amazing coffee and food in a comfortable environment by friendly people who share that passion. In our coffee culture everyone is welcome, whether your 9 months or 90 years and from all walks of life. You can come and relax, watch films or the major sporting events on the flat screen, absorb the art that rotates around our walls or sit on our couches gathering with friends and you'll probably find your head bopping and foot tapping while you take in the tunes playing.

The culture is about being true to yourself and doing what you like to do. The Bagel Co family and culture has been enriched since we took over with the addition of our two sons Owen (born 2007) and Theo (born 2010), who are often seen working the floor for smiles and talking to customers.